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VIDEOCONTROL-Rubezh is getting mobile

Monday, August 5, 2013
ALPR system “VIDEOCONTROL-Rubezh” was created to help Traffic Police Department to locate stolen cars or find fugitives..
An Automatic License Plate Recognition computer scans the images from traffic cameras and compares them with a database of stolen vehicles and other crime records, then alerts police if there’s a hit. The technology is already used nationwide by almost in hundred of fixed police locations. Highway ALPR has forward-looking cameras that span multiple lanes and are able to read license plates at very high speeds.
Starting this year we issue mobile ALPR for city patrol cars with shorter range, lower focal length cameras for capturing plates also on parked cars.

Mobile ALPR consists of camera that are normally mounted on police cruisers. As civilian cars pass, the cameras capture the unique reflective material of the license plates in a photo. The photos are then run through character-recognition software to determine the exact numbers and letters of the plates. Nearly simultaneously, the plates are checked against a “hot list” of vehicles in the state; a signal to law enforcement is triggered when a car is of interest. The officer then verifies the accuracy of the hit by looking at the numbers and letters on the plate before taking any action.
ALPR computer places inside of car and has radio connection to police base station for exchanging data. It’s working as SaaS apps. So the database may be a national database or it may be created at the local level and downloaded into the vehicle's onboard computer at the beginning of each shift.
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