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In Ukraine, the new patrol cars will be equipped with VIDEOCONTROL-RUBEZH

The President is planning to submit a draft law on the National Police to Verkhovna Rada in the nearest time. It was stated by him at the presentation of the State Program for Reforming the Internal Affairs Bodies in Odesa State University of Internal Affairs. “It will not be a simple transformation of militia into police. It will be a new face of the law enforcement units,” the Head of State emphasized.
The President has noted that the reform of patrol service presented by First Deputy Minister of the Interior Eka Zguladze is only the first step in the reformation of the entire law enforcement system. The Head of State has positively evaluated Georgian experience of reforms and the first results of Eka Zguladze’s work in Ukraine. He has expressed hope that she would manage to fulfill all her plans.
The Head of State has urged the attendees to enter the ranks of new patrol service. According to him, in the late August new patrol service will begin functioning in Odesa, Lviv and Kharkiv. The President has noted that in the framework of reforms, it was planned not only to establish new level of requirements to the quality of work, but also to improve material-technical support of law enforcers. The salary of patrolmen will increase up to UAH 8-10 thousand.
Eka Zguladze has informed on the main aspects of reform. The First Deputy Minister has particularly emphasized that the motto of new patrolmen would be “Serve and Defend”. “Service is a new philosophy. Our people have been serving the authorities for too long. It is time to change that,” she noted. Training of patrolmen in Odesa will begin on April 20. In Kyiv, new patrolmen are already being trained and will start working on June 15. The President examined the vehicles that will be used by new patrol service and drove one of them from the University of Internal Affairs to Odesa Opera and Ballet Theater.
The new patrol car is equipped with "VIDEOCONTROL-RUBEZH" unit. One can recognize license plates and check with police data base. It acts as a single set of automatic detection, integrated with the duty part of the Interior Ministry of Ukraine. In addition, the system allows for automated control of the traffic situation with video recording. Upon detection of a wanted vehicle system beeps, automatically saves and synchronizes information. The patrol is not distracted from carrying out their usual functions. And the main system "VIDEOCONTROL-RUBEZH" makes impossible any abuse, because the data are transferred directly to the central level..
Earlier, Prime Minister of Ukraine Yatsenyuk said that already purchased 300 of these machines, they planned to equip all units of the National Police - first Kiev, then megacities, and later other localities.
Source: president.gov.ua
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