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Cloud technology holds the future for U.S. government video surveillance

Smartvue Corporation, a Nashville, TN-based cloud technology company and a leading provider of global cloud visual intelligence (VI), announced March 2 that it has officially been authorized to use Azure Government, which is part of the Microsoft Cloud for Government, for military and government video surveillance solutions. This gives U.S. government organizations a government-grade cloud video surveillance solution that is owned and operated by U.S. companies, helping keep both sensitive data and government contracts in the hands of American companies.
For years, government security directors have been faced with challenges of security implementation, scalability, and utilization of IT for video surveillance. Since 1998, Smartvue has helped commercial organizations of large scale and rapid growth overcome these challenges with its patented cloud-based surveillance technology. Smartvue now utilizes the government cloud to offer government Visual Intelligence (VI) solutions that expand video surveillance and use cloud technology to overcome these challenges for government organizations that require an extra level of security. Smartvue offers government-grade surveillance solutions that enable government agencies to run a consistent video surveillance platform with the flexibility and capacity to scale up or down, on-demand, with more secure local, cloud or hybrid data storage solutions.
Cloud technology is creating new opportunities for government organizations. It’s prompting federal, state, local, and tribal government to shift resources and use the cloud for greater video surveillance services, dynamic computing power, increased scalability and reduced costs.
We notice, that in Ukraine, Golden Eye service, a software development leader in cloud-based video surveillance solutions, released version which continues to enhance its CLOUD video surveillance solution to power safety and security with improved functionality and ease-of-use. Designed to meet the changing demands of the market, the solution now allows for easier access to recorded video.
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